Friday, October 12, 2007

Share Your Favorite Vegan Recipe(s)

Vegan Pancakes
These pancakes are delicious. They are based on a recipe from The Complete Scoffer by Ronny.
two thirds of a pint (350ml, 12 fl oz) of soya milk3 heaped tbsp white self-raising flour 1 tsp soya flour pinch of salt 1 tbsp sparkling mineral water (optional)
Delicious sprinkled with sugar and lemon, or served with slices of fruit and vegan ice-cream.
These also make a good savoury dish filled with a bolognaise-style filling and topped with a cheezy white sauce.
Use a mild tasting soya milk for best results (e.g. Sunrise organic unsweetened works well).

Whizz all the ingredients except the water in a blender and check the consistency by dipping a spoon into the mixture. It should evenly coat the back of the spoon. If necessary, add more soya milk or more flour.
Gently stir in the sparkling mineral water.
Heat a heavy-bottomed or non-stick frying pan and pour in 1 teaspoon (no more) of vegetable oil. Ensure it evenly coats the pan.
Pour in ¼ of the mixture (this makes quite thick pancakes - use slightly less if you like them thinner). Tilt the pan quickly to ensure even coverage of the mixture. Cook on a medium heat until golden brown. Turn over and cook other side, then slide onto a plate and cook the next one.

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