Friday, October 26, 2007

Amazing Vegan Bloggers

I have been skimming around looking at other vegan bloggers. Wow! I must say they are talented and very interesting. I found most of them when looking at the comments area. I highly recommend taking a look at these blogs as it is enough to turn anyone vegan after viewing the pictures of their cooking. Hopefully you will eventually beable to look at the comments area here to get to many of their links.

The Joy Of Vegan Baking

I have been looking at a lot of Vegan blogs and I see this book on so many of them. It must be a really good book. Have YOU used this book? Mine is currently on order and I can hardly wait to try it out. Please leave your comments on favorite recipe's from The Joy Of Vegan Baking. Do you have any other vegan recipe books you would recommend? If you have pictures of tried recipe's from any of the books please leave a link.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Is Your Partner A Meat Eater?

Just wondering how it works for you if your partner is not a vegan? If you haven't got a partner would you consider dating a meat eater or would it matter?

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Understanding? Supportive?

Do you generally receive support from others when they discover you are vegan? Tell us some of your experiences when you initially tell someone that you don't eat any animal products.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Introduce Yourself To Other Vegan's. What Part Of The World Are You From?

Vegan's Are Healthier Than meat Eaters And Live Years Longer?

Please Post Your Opinions And Comments.

Vegan Food Guide

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Share Your Favorite Vegan Recipe(s)

Vegan Pancakes
These pancakes are delicious. They are based on a recipe from The Complete Scoffer by Ronny.
two thirds of a pint (350ml, 12 fl oz) of soya milk3 heaped tbsp white self-raising flour 1 tsp soya flour pinch of salt 1 tbsp sparkling mineral water (optional)
Delicious sprinkled with sugar and lemon, or served with slices of fruit and vegan ice-cream.
These also make a good savoury dish filled with a bolognaise-style filling and topped with a cheezy white sauce.
Use a mild tasting soya milk for best results (e.g. Sunrise organic unsweetened works well).

Whizz all the ingredients except the water in a blender and check the consistency by dipping a spoon into the mixture. It should evenly coat the back of the spoon. If necessary, add more soya milk or more flour.
Gently stir in the sparkling mineral water.
Heat a heavy-bottomed or non-stick frying pan and pour in 1 teaspoon (no more) of vegetable oil. Ensure it evenly coats the pan.
Pour in ¼ of the mixture (this makes quite thick pancakes - use slightly less if you like them thinner). Tilt the pan quickly to ensure even coverage of the mixture. Cook on a medium heat until golden brown. Turn over and cook other side, then slide onto a plate and cook the next one.

What Is The Difference Between A Vegan & A Vegetarian?

Vegetarians, or lacto-ovo-vegetarians, do not eat any meat products, but they eat dairy products and eggs. Vegetarians need to know whether a product contains gelatine or other meat-based products. Vegans do not consume any animal products.